Omar Vizquel Gives Us 2 Thumbs Up

3 Time MLB All-Star & 11 Time Gold Glover

Cleveland, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Texas
------------ 23 MLB SEASONS --------------

When you're growing up and out on the ball field with either your friends or your father, you make up scenarios and imagine yourself in a big league stadium in the 9th inning. Whether you're imagining yourself making that diving stop and throwing out the runner at first or hitting that big homerun to win the game, you say aloud that you're "Barry Bonds" when hitting (perhaps one of the best hitters to ever play the game) or that you're "Omar Vizquel" (one of the best fielders of all time).

When watching Omar play short, he played it with such smoothness and effortless perfection that everybody would stop what they were doing to see the replay of an acrobatic play he just made and be talking about it at school the next day or by the water cooler at work. In an era where so much emphasis was put on homeruns, Omar set the standard for the defensive side of the game. Any time you tuned in to one of his games, you knew you would see at least one Web-Gem - it almost became routine to expect that.

Along with his big time play came an even bigger smile. You could tell how much he really enjoyed playing the game of baseball and that's something to note about making it through 23 years of playing at the highest level in the world. It's with that reason in mind that a friend of ours (VM ROSE) linked Bubucheek and Omar Vizquel - knowing the characteristics of confidence and positivity that have driven both of us to try and become the best at what we are doing in our particular fields while maintaining the fun side of it all.

Thank You Omar!