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It's with a few reservations we write this to you. As of December 29th we are shutting down our online store, Bubucheek.com. The past 6 years have been amazing. We thank you, the fans, friends and families, for the incredible support over the years. It has been truly amazing to create something from nothing (even making up the word Bubucheek) and we want thank all of you. You allowed us to pursue our dream.

All good things come to an end, and this is your last chance to own our original Bubucheek threads before we close our doors.

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Must Watch: NPR and Planet Money Make a T-Shirt

You may know our designer, Russ Gossett works for NPR in Boston. A few months back there was a ton of buzz in the office around this Planet Money story. The idea was simple: Make a T-Shirt.  The outcome: An amazing journey told only the way NPR and Planet Money can.

NPR and Planet money produced this short 5-part series about what truly goes into making a t-shirt from start to finish. And that doesn't just mean taking a blank t-shirt and printing it, that means every aspect from growing and harvesting cotton to running it through various machines to make yarn then fabric, followed by constructing the shirts by hand and shipping to the US.

While the construction of the shirts in impoverished countries is a reality that is hard to watch, there are upsides to the entire venture. We recommend watching all of them because in the end we're all responsible for a small part of the process. In the end, it is eye-opening to see the process to get to the point where we can finally put our touches to the fabric.

COTTON: Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt (Part I) from NPR on Vimeo.


Who influences you?

We found this short documentary called Influencers that explores what it means to be an influencer today in fashion and culture.

Check it out at influencersfilm.com


#Fight Cancer 2GTR

Fight Against Cancer Night

Every once in a while you get things 100% right. Last week, student athletes from the St. Thomas Aquinas Baseball team, located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, put on an amazing event to help raise cancer awareness. Friday's March 21, 2014 game was played in honor of those that have fought cancer and the turnout was incredible. Hundreds of friends, family and fans gathered at St. Thomas Aquinas HS as the Raiders took on the Pompano Beach Tornados. There was a wave of white tees reading "We Fight Cancer 2GTR" (from Bubucheek) that were made with hopes of spreading the word to raise awareness of not only the game, but of the relentless fight against cancer that affects so many of our families. Students and players sold these tees before and after school and during their lunch periods raising $2,304, which will be donated to The Cancer Research Institute.

Pictured left is Assistant Varsity Baseball coach, Mike Rodriguez, and his mother Mary and father Johnny. Prior to the start of the season, Mike's father was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer. Mike addressed the team and told them he would be relocating to St. Louis to take care of his father and help his mother.  The players were inspired to honor their coach and his father and shaved their heads as a tribute to Johnny Rodriguez while he goes through Chemotherapy.

Sometimes in life it takes an unfortunate circumstance or situation to really see the good heart in everybody. Sometimes that situation doesn't turn out the way we would like it to, but as long as we have support from friends and family, we can battle these circumstances head on with the strength of many vs. the strength of one. Two thumbs way up to the players and students involved with this event!

~ Get Well Soon Johnny ~
- The Boys at Bubu


Bubu 4 Boobies

Some call it "Save The Tatas". Others call it "Save The Twins". We call it "BUBU4BOOBIES" at Bubucheek.

It's a scary thought to hear some of the statistics about Breast Cancer; the numbers are mind-blowing. 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime and it is the second leading cause among death in women. Rewind that, and say it again to yourself....That's someone close to you. Someone that may have raised you or took care of you.

Over the last decade, there's been an incredible amount of people that have helped raise awareness from either speaking engagements or events like 5K's or walk-a-thons. Whatever the platform is, the most important thing is that people are talking about it. The more people that talk about it, the more aware society can be of the reality of this cancer. It's for this reason that we created the "Bubu4Boobies" campaign. We've always wanted to connect ourselves to something positive in society and use the market we created to help do our part and spread the word.

The past three years have brought us great pleasure in connecting with incredible foundations in search of extending our reach to spread Breast Cancer Awareness. From Professional Baseball events to "pop-up" shops and even 5K's, we want to continue to grow our "Bubu4Boobies" campaign and do whatever we can to help raise awareness.

Check out our current run of Breast Cancer Awareness items »


Daivd Grey Has The "X Factor"

Every once in a while, somebody gets an opportunity to propose to their significant other on a public platform. It's a nerve-racking experience to just asked the person you're in love with to marry you; times it by millions (Literally) when you do it on The X Factor on FOX, one of the biggest networks in the world.

David Grey, a former baseball player and friend of Bubucheek, looked calm cool and collected when he asked his girlfriend (Lauren Waguespack) to marry him in front of a Live national audience. David might not have won over the judges with his vocals, but he definitely won over America with his genuine love for Lauren. Even Simon Cowell was smiling ear to ear and loving the moment, knowing that it was TV Gold! Kelly Rowland was infatuated with these two love birds, while Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio had their jaws dropped to the floor in amazement. It was one of those incredible must-see moments and lucky for us, it's going viral!


Introducing Chaise Candie ~ L.I.F.E.

From the beginning of Bubucheek, we've been fortunate to cross paths with creative minds and have been inspired through their work. Chaise Candie is no doubt, one of those creative artists and the message behind her latest album L.I.F.E. is one that resonates with our "Think positive. Live confident" motto.  Whether she's hitting the stage for soundcheck or in the booth working on her craft, Chaise always pulls out her Bubucheek. Get to know Chaise and follow her singing career on Twitter and watch her video below.

BC: How did you get into Singing?
CC: It's just something I've loved to do since I was a little girl. I was in choir and musical theater all through school and even at church.

How are you connected with Bubucheek?
They've been a great sponsor. I LOVE all my Bubu gear! I'm rockin their hoodie throughout the new music video for my single L.I.F.E.

What's different about Bubucheek's brand vs. that of other companies?
Great design, everything seems to fit just right and the quality of their products is outstanding.

What are your upcoming plans or events?
I'm currently recording a 2 part album, the first part is set to be released on Thanksgiving. Between releases I will be on the road touring. I'm super excited!

What are your future goals with singing?
My goal is always to reach and connect with as many people as possible.

Bubucheek's motto is Think Positive and Live Confident - Which pillar do you connect with and why?
Think Positive is what my single L.I.F.E. is all about. It stands for Living Inspired For Everyone. In fact the album is pretty much that sentiment. The mind is more powerful than we sometimes like to believe.


"Kenya Dig It" Fundraiser

Bubucheek recently shared a special night with Leila de Bruyne of the Flying Kites Organization & Danielle Statuto of Kenya Dig It in order to raise money for their trip to Kenya. In a previous post, we discussed how these two organizations are headed to Kenya at the end of September to film a documentary to promote awareness of the orphan crisis and to help break the cycle of poverty.

Bubucheek was approached by these organizations to create shirts that will help build awareness for this cause while at the same time help raise money for their trip. We were all in and wanted to help! It was a great success and we're happy to say that all of the T-Shirts for the cause sold!

We wish Flying Kites and Kenya Dig It the best of luck and we look forward to catching up with you all upon your arrival home! Safe travels!


Ashton Kutcher Drops Gems

Being sexy isn't about how you look

Being sexy and thoughtful are just two ways to live confidently. Recently Ashton Kutcher gave a brilliant speech at the Teen Choice Awards where he urged all teens to take advantage of opportunity, be sexy and build a life (don't live one). The last of these three pillars Kutcher relearned when filming the story about Steve Jobs, an incredible man with a vision to be unique and not let anybody hold back his dreams just because of a lack of intelligence (in the public's eyes). This relates very closely to the foundation of Bubucheek. We had a vision of creating a business centered around confidence and positivity - all reflected through the designs and comfort in our apparel. Now, we aren't creating anything ground breaking, but being able to sell an idea about how we view life and potentially help someone become more confident, makes it all worth it.

Check out this video - Definitely inspiring!


Are You Ready For Some Football?

Chris Myers, 2-time Pro Bowl Center for the Houston Texans

Houston, we have a Bubucheek!

This past week capped off the beginning of preseason games for all the NFLers out there. But more importantly, all the fantasy footballers are starting to get glued to their TVs and computers to see who it is they might take in their upcoming drafts. Rumor has it that some NFL players have their own fantasy football leagues (probably for bragging rights.....yea right, that's a joke - they probably play for cars and vacations). Anyways, I digress. Back to the man above if you're not familiar with him. His name is Chris Myers and he is the stud Center for the Houston Texans. Chris, a product of the University of Miami, was originally plucked by the Denver Broncos out of college and has made his way to the city of Houston and has done nothing but dominate imposing defensive linemen earning himself two NFL Pro Bowl appearances. Talking with Chris earlier this week, he told us what a rough camp it was work wise but expectations are high for the team as they look to be contenders to take the division.  Check out Chris as he rocks the "Bubu-Geoisie" design from our Icon Collection, inspired from a a 1950's French film.

Check out that and other apparel for sale HERE.


Q&A: Miss Megan Bernard

One of the best parts about running a clothing company is meeting and working with brilliant, talented people all the time. People who love the brand, love the style and love the personality of Bubucheek! Every individual we meet brings their own unique story to the table and we're grateful to have made so many great friends along the way. Recently, we sat down with Maxim model Megan Bernard and asked her a few questions about her modeling life, her future goals and her connections to Bubucheek Clothing.

BC: How did you get into modeling?
MB: When I was 15, I landed my first published photograph in an Indianapolis magazine. My career started then and has been on the rise ever since. I am very grateful for each opportunity and direction life has placed upon me.

How are you connected with Bubucheek?
Bubucheek's brand and motto was first introduced to me by a good friend's ex-boyfriend. He also told me Bubucheek was looking to collaborate. After doing my homework and following the brand, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Two years later we are still rocking out together!

What's different about the Bubucheek brand vs other companies that you've worked with?
The consistency and professionalism of Bubucheek definitely stands out. Each season the styles get better and better. Plus they continue to honor our commitments with each other.

What are your future plans or upcoming collaborations with Bubucheek?
Bubucheek and I are collaborating on the first every customized Miss Megan Bernard T-Shirt! It'll be a shirt guys and girls can rock. It's available now at the Bubucheek website!

What are your 3 favorite modeling hot spots?
Miami, San Diego & Jamaica

What are your future modeling goals?
First, land a fitness magazine cover; Second, make an advertising billboard; and last win the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2014 contest :)

Bubucheek's motto is Think Positive. Live Confident. Rock Bubucheek. Which Bubucheek thread do you like to rock the most?
I'm in love with hats, so I rock the "Big b" beanie the most! It's comfortable, stylish and fits my personality to a T.


2nd Annual Paint the Park Pink Night!

Eva Warden wearing her Bubu 4 Boobies shirt

UM Charles Regional Hospital, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs & Bubucheek team up for Paint the Park Pink Night on Saturday, July 20th

Waldorf, MD – Since the early days of Bubucheek, we have always wanted to connect with the community by doing something positive. Whether it was helping other young entrepreneurs build their dreams or partnering up with foundations in efforts to fundraise for a good cause, that pillar has always been an important structure for how we want Bubucheek to be recognized. Back in 2011, we had a unique opportunity to partner with a minor league baseball team in southern Maryland and were able to donate to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation through Civista Health by selling our first edition "Bubu 4 Boobies" tees. Fast forward two years and we are back for another opportunity to raise even more money this time. We've brought back our "Bubu 4 Boobies" campaign and are looking forward to connecting with past friends, raising as much money as possible and listening to survivors share their uplifting stories - like this one from Eva Warden (pictured above):
In February 2000, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. I was facing nine months of treatment--chemo and radiation. Sometime after the diagnosis, I vowed this would only be an interruption. I was 51, looking forward to being a grandmother, and still had things to do. The treatments were harsh, the wig was hot, but with the support of my husband, children, sisters, friends and the best oncologist around, I spent those months "living" with cancer. I have no doubt that their prayers and those of many others made the difference. I am thankful chemo and radiation were effective, but am eternally grateful for the power of prayer. I am here and healthy through the grace of God. Evidently He still has plans for me. Eleven years later, I am still standing and still have things to do.
— Eva Warden

Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and Bubucheek


New Social Media Update

It's 2013 and the worldwide phenomenon of Twitter is rolling full steam ahead. The numbers are not exact, but Twitter has upwards of 275 million user accounts and growing at a rate of 460,000 per day. This company has amazingly captivated an audience that can easily check current events, news and even contact their favorite celebrities and clothing lines (That's Us). Check out what new features Twitter has announced:



Q&A: Danielle Statuto and Flying Kites

One of the best parts about running a clothing company is meeting and working with brilliant people all the time. Whether it's a photoshoot in Boston or at one of our release parties in South Florida, every individual brings their own unique story to the table and we're grateful to have made so many great friends along the way. Danielle Statuto is one of those individuals.

She is the lead editor at the award winning Boston-based post production editorial house Engine Room Edit and from our very first meeting in 2010 to sketch out the first official Bubucheek commercial Dani brought her overwhelming positivity and generosity to the project. In 2012, we joined forces again for another spot, this time to promote our Fall/Winter Collection.

Recently we caught up with Dani to ask her a few questions about her latest project. Here is what she had to say…

BC: How are you connected with Bubucheek?
DS: My childhood friend is the founder and creator. I saw the brand and fell in love with it. It's edgy, fun and something anyone can wear!

What's this new project you've been working on? I work at a post productions house in Boston.  I mainly work in commercials. After a few life altering events I decided I wanted to do something to focus on others. I want to use my craft to Make a difference. A friend asked me to connect with Lelia of Flying Kites. She was in need if some videos to promote her organization.  I was instantly on board. We are raising money to go to Kenya in hoping to help break the cycle of poverty!

Where did the name Flying Kites come from?
Leila de Bruyne answer:
We wanted to think of a name that evokes the image of a carefree childhood, not only one that is free from the suffering of poverty, hunger and preventable diseases, but one that is filled with magic and wonder!

How do you see Bubucheek collaborating with Kenya Dig It?
I see bubucheek as a brand that promotes being different and doing "you". The motto Think. Live. Rock. says it all. It's about living your life fearlessly, and doing what you want. Regardless of the odds. Bubucheek is the perfect company to take this leap of faith with team Kenya Dig It. We are going out there to promote change and awareness.

What's the itinerary and plan for the rest of 2013 and into 2014?
2013. Raise money get to Kenya. Also create our story through interviews, and more interviews. We have to craft our concept. Then in the fall go to Kenya and capture these stories. We will spend a week or two working to get the best footage possible!!!
2014. Edit. Edit. Edit. The re edit.!!!!

Bubucheek's motto is Think Positive. Live Confident. Rock Bubucheek. Which part of that do you relate to the most?
Think positive. We are doing this to break the cycle of poverty. To promote awareness of the orphan crisis. We are thinking positive!

Bubucheek and Flying Kites teamed up to create a t-shirt to help raise money so they can get to Kenya! The "Kenya Dig It" t-shirts will be available at www.bubucheek.com on Wednesday (6/26)!


Who's Behind Bubucheek's Screen Printing?

Nobody knows custom tees and screen printing like our friends Tyler & Medina at MintPrintWorks in Nashua, NH. They have been taking care of the majority of our apparel since we started the company in 2008. 

MintPrintWorks just opened it's NEW shop in downtown Nashua, NH and are becoming one of the premier custom screen printing facilities in the area.  With this new facility, they will be able to hold showings for local artists and maybe even implement screen printing classes for those who are interested in learning about the process! These guys are doing it right and helping out the local scene as well. Who knows, maybe Bubucheek will hold its next Bubu Bash there!

In regards to the actual print process, they can handle any type of question regarding artwork adjustments and alignment, labeling, ink color suggestions and material/style recommendations. Their process is efficient and effective and they always meet our Bubucheek deadlines! 

We just want to say Thank You for everything you have done for us and our company and we could not have made it happen without your help!


B. Strong, B. Boston Strong.

BUBUCHEEK is proud to announce that we have raised $1,120.00 from the B. Strong fundraiser benefiting those in need from the Boston Marathon bombings.

Once again, funds will be donated to the One Fund Boston. This fund has raised over 27 Million Dollars!

If you missed the opportunity to get one of these tees and donate to the foundation through us, don't be concerned, we are going to restock and resume selling!


AllCanes & Bubucheek: Exclusive Hurricanes Big b.

The only place you can get a Miami Big b. Tee is at the AllCanes store in Coral Gables, FL or click here to buy directly from their online shop!

What an incredible feeling to have something I've worked hard establishing being featured in a store I grew up running around in looking through the coolest Canes gear around.  I have fond memories looking through all the UM apparel as my family and I stopped by the store before checking out a Canes baseball game.  If you're familiar with the south Florida area, then you know how iconic this store is and to be showcased in it is truly an honor.

- Richard Giannotti

Get your Bubucheek in the Orange/Green exclusively at The AllCanes Store!


"B. Strong" for Boston

Words can not describe the level of sadness surrounding the recent circumstances from the Boston Marathon bombings.  This is yet another example of how we never truly know how long we have on this earth and should live each day with happiness and positivity.

We may never know the reasons or understand why anybody would want to commit such vicious actions on innocent lives.  But what we should take away from this is the bravery shown by the citizens of Boston in aiding those in need during such a traumatic time. When the bombs exploded, people were scared and frantically running away.  Yet, so many Bostonians - police and firemen, nurses and doctors, participants and fans came together unsure of what lay ahead, but certain they needed to help.

More than ever, our thoughts are with those affected. In light of last week’s tragic events, Bubucheek has created the "B. Strong" campaign in support of The One Fund Boston. We are also teaming up with Jay Giannone, budding actor and Boston native, as we raise money by offering one of our "B. Strong" tees for men and women. 100% of proceeds will be used as a charitable donation to The One Fund Boston.

To purchase your limited edition tee click here.


Fashion Blogger Lynnette Joselly

Check out Ms. Lynnette Joselly's fashion blog.  She talks about our 4th BubuBash on Las Olas and she is the go-to person for fashion trends.

Thanks Lynnette!


Bubu Bash 4 - On The Rise

What an awesome event we had this past Saturday at The Archives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We just want to say Thank You to everyone who came out and supported the Spring Launch! The Bubucheek brand is continuing to grow and we owe it all to our fans! 

Summer is just around the corner and you know we will have some fresh new threads, snapbacks and who knows, maybe another Bubu Bash in the works! 

Keep Rockin' Bubu! 


A special thanks to The Archives.  Krista Wilkins for spinning throughout the night.  Alex Dumas and Kassim Richards for capturing incredible shots.  Tyler Gauthier at MintPrintWorks. Gallo for donating the Lamarca Prosecco.


New Site, New Logo

Notice anything different? To coincide with 2013 Spring Collection release, we decided to give our website a facelift and rework the "Bubucheek" logotype…because we care.

Over the past 5 years, the original hand-drawn scribble of Bubucheek has taken a few different looks. From our first website launch in 2009 to the latest website redesign we take a look at the history of our logo. Can spot the changes?


Back from the Drawing Board…

After flowing a ton of ideas throughout January Bubucheek is back with a fresh new lineup for Spring, including fresh new designs and a fresh new website to showcase them on. 

The much anticipated Spring release is just around the corner, but we wanted to show you the who's who from our designer Russ Gossett's drawing board because it's not only about comfort, it's also about style… 


Bubu Bash 3 @ The Archives

Bubucheek had a blast hosting its 3rd Annual Bubu Bash @ The Archives on Las Olas Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Special Thanks to The Archives Owner, Brad Minto for letting us set up shop and display our 2012 Fall/Winter Collection!  

DJ MK was there spinning old school Hip Hop keeping the party kickin' while Professional Photographers Alex DumasKassim Richards & Mark Eccleston roamed the sneaker boutique flashing their lights. Much appreciated! 

Shout out to Tyler and MintPrintWorks for printing all of our bubucheek Tees and Hoodies! And we can't thank our fans enough for coming out and continuously supporting our brand!