Bubu 4 Boobies

Some call it "Save The Tatas". Others call it "Save The Twins". We call it "BUBU4BOOBIES" at Bubucheek.

It's a scary thought to hear some of the statistics about Breast Cancer; the numbers are mind-blowing. 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime and it is the second leading cause among death in women. Rewind that, and say it again to yourself....That's someone close to you. Someone that may have raised you or took care of you.

Over the last decade, there's been an incredible amount of people that have helped raise awareness from either speaking engagements or events like 5K's or walk-a-thons. Whatever the platform is, the most important thing is that people are talking about it. The more people that talk about it, the more aware society can be of the reality of this cancer. It's for this reason that we created the "Bubu4Boobies" campaign. We've always wanted to connect ourselves to something positive in society and use the market we created to help do our part and spread the word.

The past three years have brought us great pleasure in connecting with incredible foundations in search of extending our reach to spread Breast Cancer Awareness. From Professional Baseball events to "pop-up" shops and even 5K's, we want to continue to grow our "Bubu4Boobies" campaign and do whatever we can to help raise awareness.

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