Daivd Grey Has The "X Factor"

Every once in a while, somebody gets an opportunity to propose to their significant other on a public platform. It's a nerve-racking experience to just asked the person you're in love with to marry you; times it by millions (Literally) when you do it on The X Factor on FOX, one of the biggest networks in the world.

David Grey, a former baseball player and friend of Bubucheek, looked calm cool and collected when he asked his girlfriend (Lauren Waguespack) to marry him in front of a Live national audience. David might not have won over the judges with his vocals, but he definitely won over America with his genuine love for Lauren. Even Simon Cowell was smiling ear to ear and loving the moment, knowing that it was TV Gold! Kelly Rowland was infatuated with these two love birds, while Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio had their jaws dropped to the floor in amazement. It was one of those incredible must-see moments and lucky for us, it's going viral!