"Kenya Dig It" Fundraiser

Bubucheek recently shared a special night with Leila de Bruyne of the Flying Kites Organization & Danielle Statuto of Kenya Dig It in order to raise money for their trip to Kenya. In a previous post, we discussed how these two organizations are headed to Kenya at the end of September to film a documentary to promote awareness of the orphan crisis and to help break the cycle of poverty.

Bubucheek was approached by these organizations to create shirts that will help build awareness for this cause while at the same time help raise money for their trip. We were all in and wanted to help! It was a great success and we're happy to say that all of the T-Shirts for the cause sold!

We wish Flying Kites and Kenya Dig It the best of luck and we look forward to catching up with you all upon your arrival home! Safe travels!