Q&A: Danielle Statuto and Flying Kites

One of the best parts about running a clothing company is meeting and working with brilliant people all the time. Whether it's a photoshoot in Boston or at one of our release parties in South Florida, every individual brings their own unique story to the table and we're grateful to have made so many great friends along the way. Danielle Statuto is one of those individuals.

She is the lead editor at the award winning Boston-based post production editorial house Engine Room Edit and from our very first meeting in 2010 to sketch out the first official Bubucheek commercial Dani brought her overwhelming positivity and generosity to the project. In 2012, we joined forces again for another spot, this time to promote our Fall/Winter Collection.

Recently we caught up with Dani to ask her a few questions about her latest project. Here is what she had to say…

BC: How are you connected with Bubucheek?
DS: My childhood friend is the founder and creator. I saw the brand and fell in love with it. It's edgy, fun and something anyone can wear!

What's this new project you've been working on? I work at a post productions house in Boston.  I mainly work in commercials. After a few life altering events I decided I wanted to do something to focus on others. I want to use my craft to Make a difference. A friend asked me to connect with Lelia of Flying Kites. She was in need if some videos to promote her organization.  I was instantly on board. We are raising money to go to Kenya in hoping to help break the cycle of poverty!

Where did the name Flying Kites come from?
Leila de Bruyne answer:
We wanted to think of a name that evokes the image of a carefree childhood, not only one that is free from the suffering of poverty, hunger and preventable diseases, but one that is filled with magic and wonder!

How do you see Bubucheek collaborating with Kenya Dig It?
I see bubucheek as a brand that promotes being different and doing "you". The motto Think. Live. Rock. says it all. It's about living your life fearlessly, and doing what you want. Regardless of the odds. Bubucheek is the perfect company to take this leap of faith with team Kenya Dig It. We are going out there to promote change and awareness.

What's the itinerary and plan for the rest of 2013 and into 2014?
2013. Raise money get to Kenya. Also create our story through interviews, and more interviews. We have to craft our concept. Then in the fall go to Kenya and capture these stories. We will spend a week or two working to get the best footage possible!!!
2014. Edit. Edit. Edit. The re edit.!!!!

Bubucheek's motto is Think Positive. Live Confident. Rock Bubucheek. Which part of that do you relate to the most?
Think positive. We are doing this to break the cycle of poverty. To promote awareness of the orphan crisis. We are thinking positive!

Bubucheek and Flying Kites teamed up to create a t-shirt to help raise money so they can get to Kenya! The "Kenya Dig It" t-shirts will be available at www.bubucheek.com on Wednesday (6/26)!