Ashton Kutcher Drops Gems

Being sexy isn't about how you look

Being sexy and thoughtful are just two ways to live confidently. Recently Ashton Kutcher gave a brilliant speech at the Teen Choice Awards where he urged all teens to take advantage of opportunity, be sexy and build a life (don't live one). The last of these three pillars Kutcher relearned when filming the story about Steve Jobs, an incredible man with a vision to be unique and not let anybody hold back his dreams just because of a lack of intelligence (in the public's eyes). This relates very closely to the foundation of Bubucheek. We had a vision of creating a business centered around confidence and positivity - all reflected through the designs and comfort in our apparel. Now, we aren't creating anything ground breaking, but being able to sell an idea about how we view life and potentially help someone become more confident, makes it all worth it.

Check out this video - Definitely inspiring!