Are You Ready For Some Football?

Chris Myers, 2-time Pro Bowl Center for the Houston Texans

Houston, we have a Bubucheek!

This past week capped off the beginning of preseason games for all the NFLers out there. But more importantly, all the fantasy footballers are starting to get glued to their TVs and computers to see who it is they might take in their upcoming drafts. Rumor has it that some NFL players have their own fantasy football leagues (probably for bragging rights.....yea right, that's a joke - they probably play for cars and vacations). Anyways, I digress. Back to the man above if you're not familiar with him. His name is Chris Myers and he is the stud Center for the Houston Texans. Chris, a product of the University of Miami, was originally plucked by the Denver Broncos out of college and has made his way to the city of Houston and has done nothing but dominate imposing defensive linemen earning himself two NFL Pro Bowl appearances. Talking with Chris earlier this week, he told us what a rough camp it was work wise but expectations are high for the team as they look to be contenders to take the division.  Check out Chris as he rocks the "Bubu-Geoisie" design from our Icon Collection, inspired from a a 1950's French film.

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