Q&A: Miss Megan Bernard

One of the best parts about running a clothing company is meeting and working with brilliant, talented people all the time. People who love the brand, love the style and love the personality of Bubucheek! Every individual we meet brings their own unique story to the table and we're grateful to have made so many great friends along the way. Recently, we sat down with Maxim model Megan Bernard and asked her a few questions about her modeling life, her future goals and her connections to Bubucheek Clothing.

BC: How did you get into modeling?
MB: When I was 15, I landed my first published photograph in an Indianapolis magazine. My career started then and has been on the rise ever since. I am very grateful for each opportunity and direction life has placed upon me.

How are you connected with Bubucheek?
Bubucheek's brand and motto was first introduced to me by a good friend's ex-boyfriend. He also told me Bubucheek was looking to collaborate. After doing my homework and following the brand, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Two years later we are still rocking out together!

What's different about the Bubucheek brand vs other companies that you've worked with?
The consistency and professionalism of Bubucheek definitely stands out. Each season the styles get better and better. Plus they continue to honor our commitments with each other.

What are your future plans or upcoming collaborations with Bubucheek?
Bubucheek and I are collaborating on the first every customized Miss Megan Bernard T-Shirt! It'll be a shirt guys and girls can rock. It's available now at the Bubucheek website!

What are your 3 favorite modeling hot spots?
Miami, San Diego & Jamaica

What are your future modeling goals?
First, land a fitness magazine cover; Second, make an advertising billboard; and last win the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2014 contest :)

Bubucheek's motto is Think Positive. Live Confident. Rock Bubucheek. Which Bubucheek thread do you like to rock the most?
I'm in love with hats, so I rock the "Big b" beanie the most! It's comfortable, stylish and fits my personality to a T.