2nd Annual Paint the Park Pink Night!

Eva Warden wearing her Bubu 4 Boobies shirt

UM Charles Regional Hospital, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs & Bubucheek team up for Paint the Park Pink Night on Saturday, July 20th

Waldorf, MD – Since the early days of Bubucheek, we have always wanted to connect with the community by doing something positive. Whether it was helping other young entrepreneurs build their dreams or partnering up with foundations in efforts to fundraise for a good cause, that pillar has always been an important structure for how we want Bubucheek to be recognized. Back in 2011, we had a unique opportunity to partner with a minor league baseball team in southern Maryland and were able to donate to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation through Civista Health by selling our first edition "Bubu 4 Boobies" tees. Fast forward two years and we are back for another opportunity to raise even more money this time. We've brought back our "Bubu 4 Boobies" campaign and are looking forward to connecting with past friends, raising as much money as possible and listening to survivors share their uplifting stories - like this one from Eva Warden (pictured above):
In February 2000, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. I was facing nine months of treatment--chemo and radiation. Sometime after the diagnosis, I vowed this would only be an interruption. I was 51, looking forward to being a grandmother, and still had things to do. The treatments were harsh, the wig was hot, but with the support of my husband, children, sisters, friends and the best oncologist around, I spent those months "living" with cancer. I have no doubt that their prayers and those of many others made the difference. I am thankful chemo and radiation were effective, but am eternally grateful for the power of prayer. I am here and healthy through the grace of God. Evidently He still has plans for me. Eleven years later, I am still standing and still have things to do.
— Eva Warden

Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and Bubucheek