Who is Bubucheek?

We often get asked what does bubucheek mean? That got us thinking…instead of referring everyone to our UrbanDictionary® definition, we should come up with a clever way to describe the company, it's history and what bubucheek means — the word and the company. By definition…

bubu•cheek \bübü-'chēk\ 
1: a northeast slang for a good looking girl.
Examples: "That girl is bubu!" or "That's a good lookin'cheek!"
Origin: A clothing line founded in 2008 by 3 guys who love fashion, creative graphics and sex appeal.
Synonyms: comfortable. confident, bold, sexy.

Why does bubu•cheek even exist? 

In 2008, when we founded Bubucheek Clothing we thought we would make a few designs, then sell out to a big department store and be livin' large. Pipe dream, right? That stuff doesn't even happen. Not to 3 hard-working guys us. Not that quick. We were definitely stuck in dreamland for the first 2 years (Raptor-Style).

9 limited edition runs, 15+ designs, and numerous 3-way conference calls later we realized that this stuff takes hard work, dedication and a ton of help from generous people (like YOU).

Introducing the Board of Brainstorming

It is not about making a quick buck, nor selling out to a large company. It is about surrounding yourself with great people. Supportive people. Influential people. People you look up to (again, we're talking about YOU). So, we are putting together our list of all the wonderful people who have helped shape the company. We are calling this list the "Board of Brainstorming". Look for it on the website soon.

In the words of the Alabama Shakes, "you've got to hold on":

Our brand is our personality

We create things that we love, things that we are passionate about and things we enjoy looking at. It's contagious. We want others to feel the same love and passion that we feel from the designs we create. We don't just throw something together and call it a shirt…there is serious work involved. And the reward for us is seeing that on YOU. We like when our customers say,"That's bubu!" when they see the designs…and then they Pinterest, Tweet or Like that sh*t! Like we said, it's contagious. A visual virus.

Sketchbooks and sketches, thoughts and more thoughts.


We CARE about CARING, that's just how much we CARE.  Our product packaging was, how-do-you-say, crap in fashion lingo. Crap? Yeah, it was Crap! So, we are for the next few weeks/months or however long it takes, overhauling how we package and send our original designs to you with our #1 goal of putting more care into it because we know that is your first impression (well, second after the website) of us. So you can look forward to that on your next Bubucheek tee or hoodie order.


Our focus is to showcase Bubucheek and how we pour our passion into the clothes. We want Bubucheek to be a collective, a community, a family, because it really is All About The 'Cheeks.

Stay involved, learn more and get the big deals by signing up for our exclusive newsletter now (signing up is sooo bubu :) and like our Richard "G" Giannotti says: Viva Bubu! Viva!